Laundry, Craft and Homework Room

I always wanted a laundry room.  Well, I didn’t care for one during my rock days, but since becoming a mom nearly 10 years ago, it definitely has been high on my wish list.  The laundry space in our last house was made up of a stacked washer & dryer in an outdoor shed.  Not very enticing.  For our new house, finding a space for a laundry room was a must and this house had the perfect space.  A bit dirty and grimy but I knew it would work.  Here is a before picture:


We ended up using half of the space in the picture (about 7′ x 8′)  for the laundry room.  We built a wall in the middle, the other half is used as a storage room for my husband’s stuff.  Here is the after picture of my half:

Laundry room after
Homework station

The laundry room doubles as a place to do sewing, gift wrapping, sketching, painting, scrapbooking, mending and other arty & crafty things. My kids love doing their homework there as it’s a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of our house.

I especially love the room, as it reminds me of my mom every day. The feature wall is made up of vinyl decals of some of my mom’s sewing magazine covers from when I was a little girl. I used to look at those magazines while she sewed. When she passed away, my sister saved about 100 or so of the covers for me. I took photos of some of my favorites and then had them printed as large vinyl decals by Spoonflower. I used the large 30″ x 30″ decals and cut them to shape.

vinyl decals

The countertop is made out of leftover douglas fir wood from our master bathroom remodel.  The cabinets are Ikea Akurum kitchen cabinets with Ädel doors and Rationell interior organizers.   The 15″ wide high cabinet with pull-out shelves is perfect for giftwrapping, sewing and knitting supplies.

Ikea Akurum high cabinet with pull-out shelves



Also from Ikea are the Boholmen sink, Edsvik faucet, Grundtal magnetic knife rack (used for sewing stuff) and Fintorp wall rails.  My daughter and I painted some Coffeebean jars with leftover paint and chalkboard paint. The room is also always perfect temperature as a previous owner had installed an AC vent.  It has no window but we added a Solatube skylight from which gives it fantastic daylight.  I love my laundry room!

Martie M

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