Gamer bar for kids room

My son wanted a table or desk in his room for him and his friends to play on their laptops. It needed to fit at least 2 laptops, however, he has very limited space in his room so I made him a narrow “gamer bar”.

We had an old desk top which was already the right length to fit a couple of laptops and accessories (about 40″ long) but it was a bit too deep to work in the available space. Our handyman helped with cutting it down to 15″ deep and added a round hole for cables. The original desk top was painted black with a seafoam green border which my son wasn’t crazy about. We borrowed a sander and rough sanded it to give it a different look.


IMG_6537         IMG_6541

We added some stencils with leftover yellow paint and then sealed it with a few clear coats of polyurethane.

IMG_6542    IMG_7922

Lastly, we attached adjustable legs from Ikea to 36″ counter height, purchased for $15 each.  We could have fastened the bar to the wall and then would have only needed 2 legs but I wanted it to be easily moveable, so we attached 4 legs.  Here is the link:  Olov adjustable legs from Ikea

The swivel stools are from Crate & Barrel (counter height):  Spin Swivel Backless Counter Stool

Gamer Bar

My son loves his new gamer bar!

Martie M

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