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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters – 4 Main Features and Inspiration 

Plantation Shutters Cypress, just like real wood, can be used on most windows and doors, including arched ones. Also, they make outstanding cabinet doors as well as room dividers. Well-made plantation window shutters especially can last the life of the home and raise the value of the home’s resale. Plantation shutters need various kinds of hinge and track methods depending on their size and how they are used. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.  

1. Standard Hinge System

The standard butt hinge method can be used on internal shutters for most windows those with openings from 6″ to 120″ high. Allows shutters to open and fold down on one side. The hinge pin can be detached from the bracket for restoration or cleaning. 

2. Bi-Fold Track System

Bi-Fold Track system is used for Plantation Shutters serving as closet doors where two panels are hinged as well as folded next to each other, and also when serving as covers for sliding glass doors. A folding track system is a great option for internal shutters on windows whether they are so large for the standard hinge method. Fits window and door openings from 20″ to 120″ high and 24″ to 192″ wide. A bi-fold track method allows the blinds to slide open. 

3. Bypass Track System

Bypass Track System works best with plantation shutters used as a room divider or as a closet door where the shutter panels slide from left to right. In addition, this system fits door and window openings from 20″ to 120″ high and 24″ to 192″ wide.  

4. Hinge Colors

Hinges are usually available in shades of neutral and white colors to adjust the colors of most faux plantation shutters. They are available now in bronze, brass, and stainless steel as well. 

5. Modern Usage 

Even though the days of the grand plantation house are long gone, the popularity of Plantation Shutters Cypress has not diminished. Quality interior blinds offer homeowners a classy, typical design aesthetic, important privacy, as well as easy-to-control lighting and ventilation, not to remark an upturn in complete home value as well as curb appeal.  

The custom nature of these types of blinds makes them an impeccable fit for a house, in addition to their durability being supreme to any other type of window covering. It is no spectacle various families have sought out homes with Plantation Shutters Cypress or have added them to their homes. 

Last words

Plantation Shutter Cypress offers the hinge or track system with their window shutters. It is great to have your blinds installed by an expert to make sure it is finished properly. Quality plantation window shutters are a great investment. You always want them to install correctly.  

This is not a DIY project that most individuals can take on. However, it’s still better to perceive what type of hinge or track system your blinds use in case a part requires to be substituted. But if properly cared for, well-made plantation shutters, especially Plantation Shutter Cypress, will not require part replacement.